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Computer vision: beyond seeing

Job Description

Job responsibilities:
• Senior project/customer service manager, serving customer groups within North America as the main region and South America and as the second region;
•Establish and cultivate the relationship between new and old customers, increase their trust in products and services, discover and upgrade new needs of customers, and achieve the purpose of cross-selling and upgrading sales;
•Manage the project and after-sales team, including traditional management scopes such as daily work arrangements, project performance, and process execution effects;
•Develop and improve the team’s on-site or remote working capabilities, work with customers to develop relevant plans, install, configure and assemble product hardware and software, transport and deploy products to customer designated locations, train customers to use and maintain, and share operational points and experience, Deliver products to customers under the requirements of the quality control list;
•Lead the team members and be responsible for the following business stages:, product verification, small-scale trial, large-scale product deployment, after-sales technical support and emergency response, after-sales inspection, And maintenance, etc.;
•As a key duty of PM management, formulate, coordinate, and execute project tasks and timelines, ensure that deliverables meet the overall expectations of customers, review all deliverables to ensure quality, customer satisfaction, and lead the team to ensure project success within budget, time, and scope;
•Maintain project documents and project assets, summarize and share project experience, and continuously enrich the knowledge base of the project management team;
• After the product goes online, improve the product and service based on user experience data, and report and summarize various issues to the R&D team;
• In terms of after-sales support, based on the standard service types formulated by the company, we will continuously improve local service quality, improve service details, improve service capabilities, respond to reasonable service requests related to normal business operations of customers, and control the promised software and hardware SLAs and warranty terms. Ensure that all requests are processed in a timely and effective manner;
•On behalf of the company in the management of a national service infrastructures such as spare parts, warehousing, and logistics;
•Plan, track and report project expenses, formulate budgets, manage various bills, and support the financial team in related management;
• Regularly report project operation status, progress, problems, plans to the project director and relevant management, and provide weekly reports and other management forms;

Job characteristics and skill requirements
• The working status of business travel will be around 40%;
• Have more than 2 years of business negotiation and customer service experience
•Have more than 3 years of project management experience;
•Working background in the software industry or mechatronics industry is preferred;
•Work experience in Linux is preferred;
• Use professional knowledge and skills related to project management for daily management and project reporting;
• Strictly abide by the work process and various specifications, such as ERP, repair application, material requisition, travel, etc.;


Tel: 704-691-9081

Email: brandyberckman@sandstar.com

If interested in the position, please send your resume to the E-mail address above