SandStar Put on Two “Golden Wings” lists of CHINASHOP in Recognition of Its Industry Influence

The “Golden Wings” lists of the 2021 China Retail Trade Fair (CHINASHOP) were announced on November 19, 2021. SandStar was put on “The List of Best Companies for Increasing Payment Efficiency” for its convenient “grab-and-go” 3-second shopping experience under different scenarios, and was also put on “The List of Best Companies for Improving Supply Chain” for the company’s smart digital store solution and the outcomes of its implementation.   

Run by CHINASHOP, the “Golden Wings” lists are designed to identify the most pragmatic best practices in China’s retail industry. Companies on the lists are the most influential retail service providers with the highest reference value. The lists will help the industry innovate and upgrade. SandStar stood out from 130+ applicants to make this year’s “Golden Wings” lists. It will become an influential weather vane in the retail industry next year.  

Shopping in 3 seconds: Grab-and-go

The smart vending machines of SandStar use dynamic computer vision technology, cloud computing, and local algorithms to provide support and stream data quickly. They allow 3-second senseless shopping and significantly increase payment efficiency, to give customers a grab-and-go shopping experience. Meanwhile, this extremely simple shopping experience is being made available by the company under more and more retail scenarios, to uniquely achieve both scenario innovation and merchandise innovation:

– Provide smart vending machines for snacks and drinks at airports, parks or scenic spots, to meet people’s demand for a fast grab-and-go food shopping experience.
– Operate smart vending machines for pandemic control supplies 24x7 outside pharmacies and grocery stores, to meet the need for contactless shopping;  
– Provide smart vending machines for drinks and reheatable fast food in offices, to meet the need of office workers for energy;  
– Supply snacks and drinks for students and teachers in schools, to solve issues such as the long lines and jams between classes;
– Integrated smart vending machines for meals with a heating function enable drivers to have a hot meal within 2 minutes at gas stations or in rest areas;  
– Smart ice cream freezers eliminate space restraints, to meet consumers’ need for seasonal and time-sensitive items.   

Smarter operations made possible

SandStar’s smart store solution, through the deployment of a matrix of cameras and the adoption of the computer vision technology, collects data of people, goods and facilities across a store, to provide a solution of a higher value for optimizing operation and management.

— “People”--digital customer information: The customers’ tags and attributes, as well as their consumption attributes and consumption predictions, to get a clear picture of customers; 
— “Goods”--digital merchandise management: Data about each item’s heat, pickup/put down numbers, display/distribution, best-selling index, and so on, to help optimize the strategies for selecting goods, placing orders, displaying goods, and marketing them;  
— “Facilities”--digital store operation: Collecting data on employee status, checkout efficiency, and store environment, to let store operators further optimize management and service policies.

By deploying SandStar’s solution, Lawson is able to cover the operation of its convenience stores across the board with digital features, to empower decision-making for placing orders, displaying goods, restocking, promoting, and so on, and to increase operational efficiency and sales across the board. Other examples also include stores selling Coca-Cola souvenirs and Sinopec gas stations. Many Fortune 500 companies are already in close collaboration with SandStar. SandStar’s solution is loved by retailers also because of the company’s own leading technologies. SandStar doesn’t collect personal privacy information. It only collects group information and merchandise information, and provides a safe and trusted smart solution. This is aligned with the business philosophy of many retailers valuing the protection of their customers’ privacy. 

SandStar will continue to explore the best solution for initiating digital upgrades on an ongoing basis, to drive products with technologies, to keep pursuing innovation and iteration, to turn highbrow technologies into readily available convenience, to empower many more offline retail settings with AI, and to provide a new perspective and many more application scenarios for the retail industry’s digital transformation.  

About SandStar:
Founded in 2016, SandStar now has 200+ tech geeks with headquarters in both Charlotte, North Carolina and Beijing, China. SandStar provides solutions including AI vending machines, pure vision unmanned stores, and smart store analytics for business customers. The customers it serves today include 20+ Fortune 500 companies. SandStar is building a new AI retail ecosystem.