SandStar Smart Store Analytics

Key Advantages

Computer vision, know beyond seeing

A digital solution revolving around the closed-loop of store operations

Gather the “people-products-place” data of offline stores in real time, to create a clearer customer profile

Using advanced semantic action analysis in retail for the first time

Track all the behaviors of multiple customers dynamically and in real time, to build a purchasing funnel model for stores, and to provide guidance for the making of marketing decisions

Ensuring fast implementation within different stores with a flexible deployment solution

The solution can be quickly deployed by utilizing the existing cameras in stores, and the deployment service covers the entire world

Functional Modules

Computer vision, know beyond seeing

Store customer statistics

Get real-time information about customers in store with an accuracy of over 95%

Customer attribute recognition

Have a deep understanding of customers in store, to help develop a targeted marketing strategy

Member recognition

Determine if a customer entering the store is a member, to provide customized services such as member benefits based on this

Area customer analysis

Gather browsing and item-grabbing data in specific areas, to generalize in-store customer patterns by area

Smart dashboard for store data

Present results in a more intuitive way and store operation at a glance

Human-vehicle information match

Connect human and vehicle information, to enrich customer profile, and to shed light on the making of marketing decisions

Smart targeted marketing

There are multiple smart marketing solutions available, such as personalized pushed ads and smart pricing

Efficiency analysis

Analyze the efficiency of store clerks in specific areas and/or for specific functions, to address different numbers of in-store customers

Smart advertising screen

Display personalized advertisements to attract viewers and increase conversion rates

Analysis of Quality of Service (QoS)

Assess the quality of service and estimate conversion rates by determining if a cus-tomer is accompanied by a shopping guide

Application Scenarios

Computer vision, know beyond seeing

Real-world Cases

Computer vision, know beyond seeing

SandStar Smart Store Analytics for Sinopec Group
A Coke store--store analysis
Analysis of a smart petrol station

Partner Brands

Computer vision, know beyond seeing