SandStar Smart Kiosks

Key Advantages

Computer vision, know beyond seeing

A simple and fast user experience

Open the door by scanning QR code/swiping credit card, grab whatever you want, close the door and you will be charged automatically

Flexible and low-cost retrofit

Retrofit possible for any kind of cabinets by installing cameras, and the cost is only 40% of traditional vending machines

Accurate recognition of diverse items

Focusing on dynamic visual recognition, the system has no special requirement on how the items are displayed, and is able to recognize 30000+ different items with an accuracy of 99.7%

Smart operation helping New Retail with digital technology

A backend system with dashboard allows real-time monitoring of operations, and a mobile app enables the remote management of equipment easily

Application Scenarios

Computer vision, know beyond seeing

Real-world Cases

Computer vision, know beyond seeing

SandStar Smart Kiosks for China National Petroleum Corporation
SandStar Smart Kiosks for YOSHINOYA
SandStar Smart Kiosks for Wanda toys

Partner Brands

Computer vision, know beyond seeing

Our unmanned vending technology solutions are available in the following countries and cities: