SandStar Smart Shops

Key Advantages

Computer vision, know beyond seeing

Pure vision technologies for an ultra-high recognition rate

The stores use the dynamic vision and advanced semantic action recognition technologies to achieve a recognition rate of up to 99.7% without having to use the RFID tags

Better experience, lower cost

Customers scan QR code/swipe credit card to enter a store, grab whatever you want and go. It costs only 40% of the global giant’s system

Digital operation management

The information about a store’s people, goods and facility is all digitized, to provide data for decision-making, and to increase store’s operation management efficiency

Fast deployment

Easy duplication, fast deployment, and global coverage

Application Scenarios

Computer vision, know beyond seeing

Real-world Cases

Computer vision:know beyond seeing

SandStar Smart Shops in the HNA Building
EUROSHOP Smart Shops in Germany
GITEX Smart Shops in Dubai

Partner Brands

Computer vision, know beyond seeing