A High-end Hotel with SandStar Smart Kiosks


A flagship hotel committed to providing unparalleled guest experiences, recently partnered with SandStar to introduce cutting-edge Smart Kiosks in its welcoming lobby. This innovative move aimed to enhance guest convenience and underscored the hotel's dedication to staying at the forefront of hospitality technology.


  1. Traditional retail experiences within hotels often lacked the flexibility and accessibility modern travelers demand.
  2. Providing a seamless and intuitive shopping experience that aligns with the evolving needs of guests.


  1. Integration of SandStar's Smart Kiosks, powered by advanced AI technology, offering a diverse range of products accessible 24/7.
  2. Implementation of a frictionless payment method through Stripe QR codes, ensuring security and convenience for guests.
  3. Clear payment instructions provided with step-by-step stickers attached to the inside of the kiosk doors for user guidance.


  1. Generates substantial incremental revenue.
  2. 24/7 access to food, snacks, beverages, and sundry items.
  3. Improves front desk labor efficiency
  4. Reduces capital costs
  5. Enhances overall guest


Number of Machines: 4

Location: Hotel Lobby

Typical Consumers: Business men/women, it travelers, flight Crew (pilots, flight attendants)

Payment Method: Stripe QR code

Payment Instructions: Step-by-step sticker attached to the inside of the cooler door's glass

Annual Sales: $125,000

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