NRF SandStar Showcased Palm ID Payment

At the recent National Retail Federation (NRF) 2024 show held in New York's Javits Center, SandStar Vision and Qualcomm made their second appearance together. In 2023, SandStar and Qualcomm debuted their Smart Kiosk - sixth-generation vending machine, which leveraged dynamic vision and edge computing, stunning attendees with its speed and accuracy of identification.

This year, SandStar and Qualcomm, in collaboration with Global Payments, Redrock Biometrics, and Teplo, showcased the integration of a palm payment system into the smart kiosk, offering a revolutionary shopping experience. Shoppers simply place their palm above the reader, and the system, using their unique palm features, authenticates their identity and authorizes payment. The door opens for them to select their items, and upon closing the door, the transaction is completed—quickly and securely.

The fusion of palm recognition technology with smart kiosk represents not just an innovation in payment methods but a significant advancement in the smart retail experience. It sets new standards in convenience, security, and privacy protection, as well as applicability across various scenarios.


Palm patterns are more complex than traditional biometrics like fingerprints or facial recognition, featuring lines, wrinkles, and textures that make it significantly more challenging to forge or deceive the system.


Facial features are often exposed and can be captured and replicated illicitly. In contrast, palm payment requires active user participation, avoiding the inadvertent capture of biometric data, which is an essential consideration for personal privacy.


Palm recognition is less susceptible to external environmental factors. Changes in lighting, facial expressions, and makeup can all affect the accuracy of facial recognition, whereas palm payment operates reliably across various conditions. Its contactless nature also means that users don't need to touch any devices, reducing wear and tear and the potential for cross-contamination.


In relatively stable population settings like offices, factories, schools, and gyms, palm payment can quickly identify individuals, significantly reducing customer wait times and increasing checkout efficiency. Moreover, considering cultural and religious differences, facial recognition may not be well-received or even acceptable in certain communities. Palm payment, however, offers a more neutral and universally acceptable alternative.

The NRF showcase of the sixth-generation intelligent vending machine with palm payment solutions drew significant attention, and SandStar is very optimistic about the global prospects of this technology. We also warmly welcome domestic and international payment technology partners to join us in expanding the applications and ecosystem in this field.