Revolutionizing Hospitality with SandStar AI Retail

Cha Ching! Exciting times in Dallas, Texas! SandStar AI Retail and Venduni are paving the way for the future of food, beverage, and retail. Imagine a seamless, easy experience with no lines, no labor, no shrink, and cost-effectiveness, leaving everyone happy.

Here at a bustling office building in Dallas, whether you crave coffee on the way in, a quick break after closing a deal, or a delicious meal without the hassle of traditional delivery services – we've got you covered. Venduni's smart stores offer quality, convenience, and speed, all powered by computer vision technology.

No app download needed, no lines, no inconvenience – just a quick and stress-free experience, allowing you to get back to your busy schedule.
Our VMS (Vending Management System) keeps you in the loop, providing real-time insights into sales and inventory, accessible right from your phone as a business owner. The result is a fresh and top-notch experience, better than most restaurants and coffee shops, and at a fraction of the cost.

Our journey began with meticulous project planning, and now, our fine-tuned blueprint is like a masterpiece of architecture. We're thrilled with the success and are rapidly deploying across 17 countries. Don't miss out on the future of retail – one visit to a Venduni smart store, and you'll be hooked!