Cantaloupe and SandStar: Innovating Retail at the NAMA Show

Cantaloupe Inc, a leader in self-service commerce, partners with AI pioneer SandStar to showcase their collaboration at The NAMA Show. With over 30,000 customers, powering over 1.2 million locations across the globe, Cantaloupe is continuously seeking ways to deliver innovative solutions that drive the industry forward.

Their Smart Café product, a highlight of this partnership, transforms the vending experience with a secure, touchless, and seamless way for consumers to grab and go. Integrated with SandStar’s AI dynamic-vision technology, the Smart Café delivers convenience all while giving operators peace of mind that the product is being tracked and paid for with high accuracy.

Attendees at NAMA can expect a firsthand look at this innovative technology. Meet with us to experience the future of self-service retail at Cantaloupe’s Booth #1025, May 7th – May 9th in Dallas: