Smart Vending - Grab and Go

SandStar Smart Kiosks
Lower Deployment Cost, Higher Operational Efficiency

Benefits of SandStar Smart Kiosks

Recognize products through dynamic vision and big data technology, realizing pure unattanded-shopping and smart operational management


Smart retail with digital technology
A backend system with dashboard allows real-time monitoring of operations, and a mobile app enables the remote management of equipment easily


Accurate recognition of diverse items
Focusing on dynamic visual recognition, the system is able to recognize 30000+ different items with an accuracy of 99.7%


A simple and fast user experience with 24 Hour shopping
Open the door by scanning QR code/swiping credit card, grab and go!

Integrated Machine
Ready to Deploy
Retrofit Kit
Easy Integration
Integrated Machine
Mainstream Models
Plug, Operate, and Make Profit

• The cost is only 40% of traditional vending machines
• With a better UX, the average order value could increase by 2.5X
• Support both cloud-based computing and edge-based computing
• Can be tailor-made for different countries

Low Cost
Retrofit Kit

Relying on strong compatibility, it can be flexibly adapted to different equipment suppliers, different models, and payment systems in different regions of the world, and realize smart retail at a low cost.

Advantages of Retrofit Kit
Highly compatible with
existing vending machine
Global payment
Coordinates existing
vendors globally