Industrial Pioneer

Founded in 2017, SandStar has always focused on the “digital intelligence + retail” field, invested a large amount of R&D, deeply cultivated scenarios, and continued to progress. It has accumulated massive data in the smart retail industry and enabled easier operation for clients.

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Smart Retail Solutions
Rounds of Fundings
Offices across The World
Countries And Regions
Customers from Fortune 500
Global Network and Support
Products are launched in 15 countries and regions around the world, with a global team of talents to support

Data Security & Privacy Protection

Comply with data security regulations

Privacy Policy
Strictly abide by the General Data Protection Regulation and local data privacy policies.
I S O 2 7 0 0 1
Adopt a comprehensive information security project based on ISO 27001 standard to ensure the confidentiality and security of customer data.
Customer Privacy
Does not involve the collection and identification of personal biometric information. All data stores in local servers to ensure customer privacy and data security.
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